Meet Our staff


Josie Simpson

Lead Monitor

Ms. Simpson is currently the Lead Monitor for our Transitional Housing (TH) Program. In her role, she supervises a team who has the challenging responsibility of 24-hour safety, security and monitoring of our Residents and the TH Campus.

Ms. Simpson is a lifelong New Mexican. With a family history of military service, and a father who served in the Vietnam War, Josie is committed to helping our Veteran families gain a new found sense of independence, and bringing a level of respect to them for their service that many have forgotten. In her supervisory role, Josie expresses the rewarding benefits of seeing a Veteran’s life transition from dismay to newfound hope and a positive outlook for the future.

Josie holds an Associate’s Degree from Santa Fe Community College, and is currently working on her Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work, where she wants to continue helping positively change the lives for Veteran families in New Mexico.