Operation Support Our Heroes: Helps Veteran Families During COVID-19




(Albuquerque, NM) –The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the need for safe housing and food security among some of our most vulnerable community members. The Veterans Integration Centers (VIC) programs increase safety and security by providing homeless and at-risk Veteran families with multiple housing options to end their homeless cycle. And, with over 26% of New Mexico food insecure, it is critically important during this difficult time our communities support those in need. YOU too can help the VIC continue to provide these essentially needed services, and through our GoFundMeCharity campaign they are offering to match $1,000 for the first $1,000 raised by the VIC.

By providing a safe and supportive living environment to over 700 Veterans and their family members each year, the VIC provides a sense of dignity and respect through stable housing and wrap-around services that lead to long-term housing stability and independence. Our programs also ensure safe and stable housing, something that helps keep homeless Veterans from being exposed to COVID-19, and other communicable diseases. We provide food and hygiene products to ensure healthy eating and good sanitation habits. We continue to provide group therapy with a licensed clinician to help address the stress of living in a COVID-19 society, including weekly check-ins with their multidisciplinary support team who are on site 24 hours daily to ensure they have the right help when needed.

We are working to raise $10,000 to help provide multiple essential items and services during this difficult time of living with COVID-19 including:

  • Safe & supportive housing for Veteran families while they obtain long-term housing stability
  • Furniture & Home Essentials that turn a “house” into a “home”
  • Food and nutritional resources to help reduce the over 26% food insecure in New Mexico
  • Comprehensive wrap-around services and clinical support in-house that ensure a Veteran’s ability to regain independence is not lost because of trauma or medical disability

Donations are 100% tax deductible, and over 90% of every dollar goes directly into VIC programs that support Veterans and their families. Visit our GoFundMeCharity page and pledge your support TODAY!