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As a small non-profit, we're always looking for volunteers. There are several different ways to get involved:

Stand Down- Volunteer to help provide services to homeless individuals at the VIC annual Stand Down held in October.

Sorting Donations- Since the center operates with such a small staff, we could use assistance to sort through, and organize donated articles.

Fundraising Ideas- If you have any neat ideas for a fundraiser(s), we'd like to hear them. With Board approval, you could even assist us in turning that idea into reality.

Professional Service Contribution- Since we are on a limited budget, any professional service provider who is willing to donate pro bono work for the center would be greatly appreciated.

Volunteer to be a Corporate Sponsor- The issue of homeless veterans is so large that we realize we can't do it all alone-we need help from corporate sponsors who care for our veterans as much as we do. If you are interested in becoming a Corporate Sponsor please email us:

Please contact our Outreach Coordinator, Wendy Webber if you're interested in any volunteer opportunities or call us at: 505-265-0512 and we'll take down your information and pass it along to Wendy. You can also email us at:

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