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'Hand up' not a 'Hand out'
The Veterans Integration Center (VIC®), NM Department Workforce Solutions - VETS, NM Department Veterans' Services, and the VA Medical Center unite with federal, state, local and other non-profit organizations to assist homeless veterans during what is known as the Stand Down & Project Hand-up in Albuquerque.

Stand Down is a military term originating from times of war when exhausted combat troops were given the opportunity to return to a place of relative security to rest and recover. Stand Downs today have become common as a means to care for and advocate for homeless veterans. Every day, like the soldier in combat, the homeless veterans must continue to do battle. His enemies often include lack of shelter, unemployment, physical and emotional difficulties, legal difficulties, substance abuse and hopelessness. Battling these enemies on a daily basis creates a self-destructive cycle leading to complete withdrawal from mainstream American society. To aid homeless veterans in regaining their dignity and self-respect, our help is required - our organizations offer a 'hand up' not a 'hand out.'

Over 45 service providers participate annually. Services such as legal assistance, VA benefits, minor health checkups, flu shots, haircuts, and many others are provided. Items such as clothing, cold weather gear, and food are also distributed.

During our 2018 Stand Down, we served a total of 555 homeless individuals: 186 of those were Veterans.

During our 2017 Stand Down, we served a total of 439 homeless individuals: 207 of those were Veterans.

During our 2016 Stand Down, we served a total of 686 homeless individuals: 268 of those were Veterans.

During our 2015 Stand Down, we served a total of 780 homeless individuals: 290 of those were Veterans.

During our 2014 Stand Down, we served a total of 973 homeless individuals: 323 of those were Veterans.

During our 2013 Stand Down, we served a total of 983 homeless individuals: 364 of those were Veterans.

During our 2012 Stand Down, we served a total of 902 homeless individuals: 376 of those were Veterans.

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